When you drink wine, it would be unforgivable to overlook the diversity of all the subtleties of wine.

The wine is full of nuances and its consumption includes an assessment of everything that has invested in the wine nature and the winemaker.

Wine College under the guidance of professionals provides training, tasting, corporate workshops, events for our clients and friends.

Anyone can get necessary knowledge about wine and alcoholic beverages in format of exciting evenings in a cozy atmosphere.

We see ourselves as an independent wine school, because we cooperate with different wine boutiques and wine saling companies.

This allows us to represent to your attention the most qualitative, various and characteristical samples of wines and spirits for tasting, giving them an independent evaluation together with you. The College organizes presentations of various Wine brands, on which promotion wine producers in different regions of the world are interested. During its existence, the College has produced more than 1000 graduates, about 500 of whom were employed in famous restaurants in the world, major trading companies, wine supermarkets and boutiques.

For the realization of the objectives of сollege goals, foreign experts in the field of wines and spirits, sommeliers, wine producers, experts from all regions of the world are invited to give lectures, tastings and workshops, on which are attracted not only listeners of the course, but graduates also.

The company creates fine drinks of the highest quality. In terms of quality we do not compromise - respect the tradition of wine-making, use the most modern technology.

Thanks to that our wines embody the best natural properties of grapes and preserve taste and aroma of freshly picked grapes, their bright varietal characteristics. Winemaking is an art, it is a sacrament, and the wine of our company for the excellent range of wines and fidelity to classical traditions is especially unique. Our winemakers and technicians collect the highest quality grapes and produce wine from it by the classical technology of winemaking.